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    Water pump series

    Wanda production pump with motor, can be used in centrifugal pump, jet pump, turbine pump and pump body.At present, keep close cooperation relationship with the world pump industry well-known brands.Lengthening shaft design, can according to the requirements of the pump body structure, choice of different flange installation.Iron shell, aluminum, steel shell and a variety of shapes to choose from.

    Energy conservation and emissions reduction is now into the primary content of China's economy to carry out the planning outline  especially for electric power, steel, non-ferrous, petrochemical industry, water disposal industry category energy-intensive companies increasingly stringent emission reduction policy are put forward.Water pump fluid transport equipment as industrial center holds the primary energy consumption, some energy-saving operation has become the primary disposal of doubt.The pump is the most common way of driving motor drives.Primary pump energy saving way is to make the pump unit (pump and prime mover and change some) operate under the highest power, make the consume of external input power down to the lowest point.Pump energy saving make comprehensive skills, it hit a pump their own system of energy saving, energy saving and to use for running and so on various aspects.Professional energy saving means serious: pump is power cost, on the basis of general machinery industry association, pump power consumption accounts for about 20% of the electricity in our country, meaning pump power promotion of energy conservation and emissions reduction.Article 4 of state council regulations on the property for the "national encouraged to choose new skills, new way, relying on the progress of science and technology progress property is dealt with and the service level".For a long time, saving power to transact property equipment is one of the focus of the work.Build China's urbanization push, a high level of community and property more and more, the market to ensure the efficiency of the pump energy saving rate is products sell like hot cakes.

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